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I’ve got a SPECIAL GIFT for you guys! After I got off a training call with my buddy, Jimmy Kim, the creator of Build My List 2.0 decided to shock everybody when he said he’s giving away his secret 5 steps to build your list 3 times faster. He was not supposed to say this but inside, you will discover the exact steps all savvy Internet Marketers use to build huge lists.
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Build My List 2.0 Free eBook

  • How You can Legally “Print Money
  • Hottest 10 List Building Tricks for Internet Marketers
  • The Proven Three Step – 10 Minute a Day System
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Calling all email affiliate marketers! Welcome to Build My List 2.0 Review website where we bet you’re eagerly awaiting the release of the all-new Lead Generation Program Build My list 2.0. All set to make its debut on the 11th of November 2015 – the new version of Build My List 2.0 is not a re-launch of its previous version.

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Build My List 2.0 Review

So how is Jimmy Kim’s Build My list 2.0 Program different you ask?

Well, only because it’s ‘Bigger. Badder. And More Automated!’ Jimmy Kim is all set to launch it with a new user interface, and improved member’s area, a lot more information in the sales video and much more. When he first launched his Build My List 1.0, he had no idea the tremendous and overwhemlming response he would get.

It is believed that around 9 thousand sudents made their online debut with Build My list Jimmy Kim had on offer. That is just the tip of the iceberg! Over 500 students made their very first online dollar with the help of this tool.

This time around the Build My List 2.0 Reviews promise more bonuses, explicit training videos and secret tips and tricks on how to build you own list and make it a profit-making machine for you. It gives you information on how to get maximum commissions and gloats of upto 100% commissions.

The first of Build My List pulled in a total of a shocking $480,000 in sales for all those who used it. Build My List 2.0 Testimonials suggest that this versions aims at improving on the issues faced by user in the first version and gives you a deeper and well addressed training module for creating and earning from your own lists.


Build My List 2.0 Bonuses are bigger this time around

With the incredible success of the first version, Jimmy Kim is giving away a host of bonuses. There are 2 cars – a Mercedes CLA and a Nissan Versa, a Rolex and over $55,000 in other bonuses. In fact, if you register with JV ZOO, you get additional incredible Build My List 2.0 Bonus consisting of up to $243 commission per sale!


A revolutionary tool to kickstart your Email Marketing

Now that you’ve heard about its benefits, you’re probably wondering about what the Build My List 2.0 Cost is? Priced at a mere $49, it will be a completely shocker as to how much this can do for you and your business. Free subscriptions to Sendspace, a customized eBook, and detailed ‘over-the-shoulder’ training videos will have you well-equipped to get started on solid ground. Thank God you found our Build My List 2.0 Review. Here you get all the information you need to make an informed decision.


Build My List 2.0 Review – About Jimmy Kim

If you don’t already know Jimmy Kim, Jimmy Kim was a student of Anik Singal a.ka. The Fighting Entrepreneur, Jimmy Kim being the co-founder & CEO of Sendlane. It’s a revolutionary tool in auto-responding for Email Marketing. All set to launch this November, he has promised to hand over free books with tips and inside tricks of Email Marketing and List Building. He has even given each of an incentive to promote his book and get cash prizes of upto $3800. As if that wan’t enough, Build My List 2.0 even allows  you to get 100 leads and a breathtaking 60% in commissions! So go on, try Build My List 2.0, you will stand to gain from it.


Email marketing is still extremely important for businesses of all sizes. Build My List 2.0 helps to make it much easier to create a list of people who are genuinely interested in your business or the products/services that you offer. Build My List 2.0 is also a Lead Generation System that allows you to create rapport between you and your leads online through the power of Email Marketing. Here are some of the excellent benefits you get from opting for this service and why you really need email marketing right now.

Build My List 2.0 Email Marketing

What’s so important about Build My List 2.0 Email Marketing

When you send an email, you’re reaching the people who have asked to be put on your list. That means your communication is targeted and people are more likely going to act on the calls to action that you add at the end.
This is also a direct form of communication. People receive emails on their computers, mobile devices and phones, and they will check their emails almost immediately when they come through; similar to text messages. The content remains fresh in their mind, so they are more likely to act on it.

What are the benefits of Email Marketing

Build My List 2.0 is one of the best email marketing products you can invest in right now. Jimmy Kim has created email marketing training in full, and you get your hands on it. You get to see what will work and what has proven not to work, without having to go through the trial and error process. Once you have that database, you can send out content that your list is going to enjoy and act on straight away.
It’s not just Build My List 2.0 training either. There are various other products and benefits that you get from Jimmy Kim’s email marketing. One of those is full access to all the videos in the email marketing training. There are five, and all go into the full details of how to make email marketing work for your business, so you see a real return on investment. You go through the videos in your own time and can keep watching them to get the most out of this form of promotional activities.
One Build My List 2.0 Bonus that you should consider is the free email list subscription. This is for a limited time, but it gives you chance to get your list started. Just getting the first few email addresses is often the hardest, and the last thing you want is to shell out money for a few months without return.

Proven Strategies that work. Join Build My List 2.0 Email Marketing System

One of the things worth pointing out is that all the training is guaranteed to work. That’s because all the strategies used have proven to work, not just for Jimmy Kim but for many others too. There are thousands of people using the strategies on a daily basis, making a living online.
With Build My List 2.0 training, you will get everything you need so you can make sure email marketing works for you. Jimmy Kim’s Products are highly tested and reliable. Thousands of individuals and larger companies have already taken advantage of Build My List System and Bonuses available. Now it’s time for you to do the same.


It’s nearly time for the much-awaited and much talked about Jimmy Kim’s Build My List 2.0 Launch which is an Email Marketing program for generating Leads Online. In case you are wondering, it’s launching on Wednesday, November 11th, 2015 at 9 AM EST. Also it will only be available for sale till 18th November, 2015, so if you’re waiting on buying it, mark your calendars.

Build My List 2.0 Email Marketing Tips

Click the button below to register now for this amazing Email Marketing Program that will help you with the Lead Generation Online for your business.

Build My List 2.0

For those of you wondering what Build My List 2.0 is and how will it help your business, here is the information you are looking for. It’s a tool that created shock-waves when it first launched in May earlier this year.


Build My List 1.0

It is said that over nine thousand students initiated their online journey and over five hundred students, with the help of this tool, stood to make their first dollar online. Jimmy Kim was a student of Anik Singal a.ka. The Fighting Entrepreneur. Jimmy is the CEO and co-founder of Sendlane. It’s a revolutionary tool in auto-responding for email marketing.


If you are contemplating building your own list and are looking to make a recurring and frequent profit from it, then this might be the way to go. With its successful launch in May, this time Jimmy Kim boasts of it being ‘Bigger. Badder. And More Automated!’ He insists that it’s not a re-launch and that it has a brand new user interface, member’s area, sales video and more. He promises that there’s a whole lot more information in the videos and this in turn promises higher traffic.


All the concerns raised by users in version 1.0 have been addressed and fixed. He has even added more training modules to help people understand its usage better. He’s even added more templates. After his success with the first release, Jimmy Kim’s Build My List 2.0 is aimed at increasing success rates. Allegedly after the first release, people who used the tool collectively did $480,000 in sales.


The Exhaustive List of Bonuses

This version is being launched with a bang. He loves giving away prizes and this time around he’s giving away 2 cars – a Mercedes CLA and a Nissan Versa. So go on if you’re thinking about registering for Build My List 2.0 because bonuses might be coming your way. He’s offering over $55,000 in bonuses, which includes a Rolex. This comes with no strings attached, as in no sales minimums or mailing minimums. Register with JV ZOO, and get additional incredible Bonus of an instant commission of up to $243 per sale!


Build My List 2.0 is a simple, instructional, easy-to-follow tool, especially built for students to make money for real. Read on about to get an idea of the Build My List 2.0 review and how it will help you and how you can stand to gain from it. If you buy it, you’ll gain access to:


  • 5 explicit training videos
  • 3 months of free subscription to Sendspace’s auto-responder
  • Free landing page builder powered by Sendspace
  • Daily Power Calls to help you go over your training
  • A customized Build My List eBook. This can be re-branded with your own branding and given as freebie to your end users.


There’s a pre-launch happening on 8th November, 2015. As a special giveaway, Jimmy Kim is handing over a book with tips and tricks on email marketing. It also contains help on building your own email marketing list. Jimmy Kim promises that if you promote this he will dish out cash prizes of $3800. In addition, you get 100 leads and that’s not all… wait for it… 60% commissions!


The Crux

The main attraction of Build My List 2.0 created by Jimmy Kim are the ‘over-the-shoulder’ video guides. These videos give you information that a document or PDF just can’t give you. Here’s what you get:

Home page Introductions – This is mainly an introductory video by Jimmy to give you a quick run-through of what to expect in the tutorials.


  1. List Secrets

This tells you the basics of list-building and its importance. It tells you the realistic value a list brings to your earnings and how you can generate money from affiliates in email marketing. It teaches you how to build a list, and a squeeze page. If you are wondering what a squeeze page is, well, it is a page built to capture and gather opt-in email addresses from potential end users. The main objective of this page is to cram information in that it can entice the user into giving his email address.

  1. The Profit Machine

This tells you about the Sendspace auto-responder. How to set it up and get it to work. This is an imperative step to you capturing email addresses and in turn send emails to your list. This feature powered by Sendspace gives you free access to it for ninety days. You will find out how to set it up, why it’s essential to have and features that you can leverage.

  1. Maximum Commissions

This section will tell you how you get up to 100%, that’s right you heard us, 100% commissions.

  1. Business Wizard

By the time you get here, you’re almost done. This helps you set up your landing page/ squeeze page. You’ll get a free video guide on how to ‘drag n drop’ and create your own landing page.

  1. Instant Traffic Triggers

This one’s all about traffic. You’ll learn how to generate traffic and how to make the most of resources available to you to drive traffic. Traffic means money and this part tells you how you can start making money from day zero!

Additional benefits include up selling by copy & pasting and forum help on frequently asked questions and help from other niche Build My List members.


The Final Verdict Of the Build My List 2.0

The jury is all in favor of Jimmy Kim’s Build My List 2.0 and even though its price is set at $49, the power of this module cannot be denied. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a complete pro at affiliate email marketing, you can only go one way with this – UP! Many Build My List 2.0 Reviews say it’s steep, but if you compare it to other higher priced training modules like Profit Academy [that charges $3,000] it seems like a pocket-friendly price to pay. So go, sign up for it and start making money.